• Cobweb Halloween Decorations, Silver Spider Web Design, Set of 3 Natural Slate Halloween Ornaments


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    Silver cobweb Halloween decorations, natural slate hand painted Halloween ornaments. set of 3.

    Spider webs hand painted in silver on natural blue slate pieces (looks more grey) of irregular shape. Strung with dark green jute twine. Hang around the house separately or make a display in a group. Unique, as they are entirely handmade.

    They range in size from approximately 40-60mm on the longest edge. This is a set of 3; they will be varying sizes and shapes, no two are exactly alike.

    Put them out year after year.

    Halloween decorations are for Indoor use only.

    These decorations are not toys and should not be handled by children. We do take care to sand down the sharper edges, but there may still be some rougher areas in keeping with the natural, rustic design.

    Slate is a softer stone and can chip, please take care when handling.

    Please contact us if you have any questions.

    Please remember the appearance of colour will vary from monitor to monitor.